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International cooperation

The Emergency Response Centre was established in the implementation of European Union legislation governing the introduction of the single European emergency call number 112 in the Member States. Therefore, in the performance of its functions, it actively cooperates with the following:

●  European Emergency Number Association (EENA);

●  emergency call centres and emergency services of other European countries.

In order to improve the quality of services provided to residents, it is engaged in cooperation with:

●  foreign companies producing software for emergency call centres;

●  manufacturers of smartphones and their operating systems Apple, Google, etc;

●  car manufacturers and companies providing mobile services for cars, such as OnStar Europe, Ltd.

The Emergency Response Centre also participates in international projects, its representatives are often invited to international conferences, seminars and other events to share good practices, gain knowledge about the latest technological solutions and their application in emergency call centres.

Last updated: 14-06-2021